Business Areas

We have a mutually friendly relationship with overseas suppliers in about 14 countries around the world, based on which we import a variety of products

Healthy company spreading around the world

Highland strictly selects and imports safe, high-quality products and develops business in various fields of the food industry, such as processing, distribution, and K-food export


integration with the domestic market through direct transaction with overseas exporters

Quality Control

Systematic quality control & supervision of overseas exporters and domestic processing site

Production process

SPEC development and creation of food meeting customers’ needs


Securing more than 1,700 diverse distribution channels


Exporting K food around the world through the export business


Introduce products to domestic market by reasonable business practice through direct transactions with overseas suppliers


over 1,700 Distribution channels secured

Quality Control

Systemized quality control and management, starting from oversea sites through domestic processing facilities

Production / processing

Develop product specifications meeting diverse customer needs


Providing opportunities to experience various meat dishes and products for public


Highland selects and imports safe, high-quality products


Selecting and providing beef such as premium Australian Wagyu


Selecting and providing pork such as Spanish Iberico


Selecting and providing first-class lamb such as lamb French rack


Providing freshly selected products such as chicken drumstick and breast meat

Quality Control

We provide safe food to customers through a strict and thorough quality control system

Inspection of food

Selection and management of reliable importers through strict examination

Reassured food

Providing reassured food through foreign material detection and management through metal detectors, etc

Exact information

Providing accurate product information such as country of origin as well as whether it contains allergens

Food management

Regular hygiene inspection and exhaustive comprehensive food safety management system


The unique production process and processing system are the reasons customers ultimately choose Highland

Operating own factory

Operating own factory in Busan and Incheon

Smooth process

Production of various SPEC products, fully furnished with smooth supply and demand system


Highland carries out the domestic stable supply of meat through long-term contract


We supply products to about 1,700 domestic and foreign wholesalers


We are supplying many retailers such as E-mart, Coupang, etc


We are supplying products to many franchisees

Food supply

We are supplying to many food distributors


Highland plans to focus on exporting K-food based on its global network and logistics/distribution hub