Highland Foods

Introducing Highland Foods, the food company offering ‘delight’ through agile business management.

Highland Foods, a food company offering ‘delight’

Highland Foods is the food company specialized in meat, that imports, processes, and distributes beef, pork, chicken, and lamb.


Providing safe and healthy food is our responsibility and duty.


We give our best as an expert for customer satisfaction.


We lead the way in social contribution for coexisting society.

HighlandFoods started as a trading company in 1999 and celebrating our 21th anniversary milestone. We keep ourselves busy around the world searching for clean environments, with the steadfast goal of providing food that customers can safely enjoy.

As a result, Highland Foods was able to earn trust from customers and grow as a company with USD 586 Million sales revenues (as of 2020). Also, we have announced our clear vision of becoming the food company with ‘delight’, and actualizing this vision through ERP implementation, WMS & POP System implementation, renewal of CI, and work innovation, etc. However, we will not stop here.

We will continuously thrive to become the food company representing Korea, with unconditional passion. We make best effort to fulfill our social responsibility by returning corporate profits back to society. All of our executives and staff members will continue to move forward for our future.